Our Solutions Bouquet

We can customize any solution in order to fit the customer requirements. Additionally, the customer can request a proof of concept for any solution prior to purchasing.

Technical Consultancy

We cater to your technical needs through consultancy services helping you make those decisions based on informed, well-focused technical analysis.

Broadcast Equipment Sales

We are resellers and Distributors of various Broadcast Equipment.

Outside Broadcasting

We provide various Signal Contribution mediums for TV and Radio transmission through: Digital Microwave Links, Portable News Gathering Units, IP Codecs (for radio) and LIVE streaming.

Signal Contribution

We provide Signal Contribution to Headends via; Contribution solutions, Encoding and transcoding solutions, Streaming solutions.

FM Integration

We Build Digital Radio Studios with different Transmission Configurations as licensed by the Regulator.

System Integration

We provide a wide range of studio and post production installations from small to large corporate television studio builds starting from the Acoustic works, air conditioning, Lighting , customized technical furniture , installation, commissioning, training and support of the broadcast equipment.